Biking Saguaro National Park

Biking the Saguaro National Park was beautiful! This is a bike ride (or drive) that I would recommend to anyone in the area. It’s beautiful and full of the famous Saguaro. Coming in at 8 miles with only 500 feet of elevation gain, biking the Cactus Forest loop through the Saguaro National Park is super casual. Towing Maxine and stopping to take a bunch of pictures took us an hour. You share the road with cars but we found everyone to be super respectful and slow. Everyone is there to slowly cruise through the beautiful park.

An Enthusiastic child

Maxine unfortunately got sick during this excursion and ended up curling up under Z’s jacket in the co-pilot. Despite not feeling well and eventually letting go of her lunch, she still really enjoyed the ride. This trip really reinforced to us how nice the enclosed trailer styles are over the bike style trailers for our child. With the enclosed trailer she has more room to play with toys (if she brought any) and more importantly she can more comfortably lay down and relax.

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