Expressing individuality in private. #MidQuarantineCrisis

It’s easily been 2 decades since I colored my hair last. I remember my dad saying, ” Sure, you can dye your hair if you want to but rebelling by imitating a stereotype isn’t really being unique is it?” In my teens I definitely looked like a few stereotypes and quite often “rebelled” by following a path someone had already laid before me such as attempting to be unique by dying my hair with my friends. ^_^

Fast forward 20 years and for the time being I’m not required to physically represent my employers image so why not lean into the tingling sensation of multiple applications of bleach?

Orange… after a single application of bleach.

The idea came when Z and Max watched a Youtube video of a mom dying her young daughters hair with a conditioner based product that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. This of course lead to Max requesting purple hair.

Z coloring Max hair.

But of course, orange isn’t my favorite color so I wanted to take it a step further and color my hair green so Z went to a hair salon store and acquired some light green for me.!. We also ordered some neon green from Manic Panic so this is just the beginning. 💚

Green application #2 – Manic Panic Lightening Green

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