My First Triathlon

I finally did it, I raced in a triathlon and it was a blast! I finished in 2:31:11!

I purchased a super cheap 16 week training plan from training peaks and got after it!

With some guidance from a friend I bought a road bike in January. Shortly after acquiring the bike I got an indoor trainer and got fitted for the bike. The fitting was underwhelming but with a shim under my left cleat and a tiny adjustment to my saddle height, I quickly put 1,000 miles behind me. More then anything I was happy to know that the bike I purchased actually fit me. Purchasing a nice bike has become quite difficult due to the pandemic.

Some time last year I signed up to be able to go to nearly any gym through active & fit which has been awesome since we were traveling most of last year. I had to bounce around a few different gyms but I started swimming at least once a week in January. I got more consistent after we moved into our house in February as there is a local Gold’s Gym down the road that always has an empty pool, or at the very least a very short queue.

On March 13 I caused plantar fasciitis in my right foot by getting out and running 18 miles after not having run for a while. This took me off my feet for a month.

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  1. […] I managed 5th out of 18 in my age group and 23rd out of 170 total racers. I’m definitely not happy with my overall time of 2:41:01 which is 10 minutes slower than my first olympic distance triathlon. […]

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