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Mount Evans or Bust!

Go Z! Go Z! Go!
Mnt Evans trip

Z, Dillon and I took to hiking Mount Evans on Sunday, June 1st but due to snow conditions we had to head turn around.  The views for this hike were none the less amazing!  Checkout all the photos on My Flickr tagged Mnt Evans.

Before leaving, as if not to be out-done, Z jumped off the mountain and got broke! Fear not as we extracted Z without further implications and got her in and out of the ER.


Climbed Pikes Peak in the snow!

Z & I Climbed Pikes Peak Again!

Pikes Peak Summit

Despite heading up with a first-time hiker (Dillon, in tan/gray), losing the trail multiple times, Z (in full digital camo) demonstrating signs of Hypoxia & finding a semi-lost cyclist named Shawn (in red) we powered up Barr trail blazing the last two miles due to snow cover!

Checkout the full photo set on Flickr!


My Girlfriend is a Hacker…

The definition of ‘Hacker‘:

A “computer hacker,” [then,] is someone who lives and breathes computers, who knows all about computers, who can get a computer to do anything. Equally important, though, is the hacker’s attitude. Computer programming must be a hobby, something done for fun, not out of a sense of duty or for the money. (It’s okay to make money, but that can’t be the reason for hacking.)

~ Brian Harvey (University of California, Berkley)

The fact that Zahira is an amazing tech has been obvious for quite a while however it really set in yesterday as I walked past her desk.  On it were the following things:

  • an iPhone 3G displaying what looked like a linux console.
  • a 21″ LCD extending the desktop of a Dell [model] laptop running Ubuntu Linux (BackTrack) testing our Netgear WNDR3700v2
    • After disabling WPS on the wireless router it seemed to advertise that it had WPS enabled.
  • a Dell i5105 running Linux Mint Cinnamon x64 – Her favorite Operating system second only to OSx Mountain Lion.
  • a 27″ iMac w/Terminal, Google Chrome, iTunes & the Console [log viewer] app visibly running and Synergy operating in the back ground allowing her to use the iMac’s Apple keyboard and trackpad seamlessly across all three devices.
  • an iPad leaning against it’s protective shell displaying a paused YouTube video.
  • an iPhone 4Gs in an Otter-box minus the rubber external shell so it fit in the iHome doc.

Seeing Z surrounded by linux and an an android icon laid over a CLi on the phone brought it home.  As long as I’ve known her Z’s demonstrated the same attitude toward tech which is essentially and very simply being intrigued by virtually every tech ‘thing’.

What I really enjoy though is the awesome moments of revelation when something she’s been working on -clicks- and all the dots come together.  I love helping everyone with their technical issues but it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the glow of self gratification after all the research comes together and she figures it out.  It’s nothing short of inspiring. ^_^  It’s awesome.  And of course she’s always working on something cool while we progress through the actual IT ‘work’.

For example:

There’s a Dell D630, Dell E6400 and a Toshiba Satellite A135 S7404 sitting in my office right now running OSx.  A couple months ago with a couple hard drives in hand and a bunch of support tools she set out to install Mac OSx on every PC she could get her hands on. hehehe.   Then as if to contrast the situation: she helped me prepare, develop and use our “install anything” network boot environment which has since been used to deploy our own highly customized versions of nearly every Microsoft operating system on any device that supports PXE booting.  Perhaps the icing on the cake i that most all of the really interesting projects get reverted and undone shortly after their launch due to some reason or another – often times simply the lack of appropriate licensing but that never derails the completion of the project.

I believe her iPhone 4Gs, iPad and iMac are currently running stock iOS ^_^ and according to the network management resources on our gateway – her iPad and iMac (in that order) are not only the 1st and 2nd largest consumers of bandwidth on our network but those two devices alone out-weigh all the other devices on our network combined.!.  She consumes and retains information like it’s easy. lol

According to our logs – I’m a wierdo with a secret lust for ad networks and tracking servers while Zahira has watched all of YouTube a couple times. Which brings about my last major note for this post.  I am perpetually blown away by how good she is at not only researching and finding information that leads to logical answers but in the same effort of digging for information she makes it seem effortless to bring it all back and put it together in writing that she publishes for others (and myself) to consume. No matter the topic she produces the most amazing results.  When we were re-structuring TechnologyBytes business model she produced an intense Employee Handbook and business brochures.  While developing Think Smart, Inc as the Marketing director during startup phase she created quite literally everything from the logo, Mission Statement, Investor Presentation, business plan, marketing plan, brochures and many more marketing pieces.  All while proactively managing her own web presence, maintaining all her sites and writing all the original content.


Zahira, You’re amazing.  You’re pure inspiration and I’m blessed to be graced with your presence every day in and day out!  Thank you so much!  I love youl <3


A couple sites Zahira actively maintains:

A couple social profiles for the real Zahira Schmidt ^_^