A trip to Steamboat Springs

Weekends are always too short when you’re having fun!  I had the pleasure of hanging out in Steamboat Springs for the first time just this last weekend.  Five of us got together to celebrate 3 of our birthdays and enjoy the wonderful town of Steamboat springs. 

We rented a super awesome 3 bedroom Vacation Rental at the Pines at Orehouse Plaza. I really enjoy how neat most vacation rentals are.  All you need to do is show up and stock the place with food, drinks and friends and the perfect jump-off is ready!   Starting with breakfast, it’s wicked easy to rally the troops when you’ve got cheesy scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, quiche and waffles with strawberries, peaches, syrup and readi-whip! 

MMmm... Steve
Even our favorite Muffin Bunny gets up early for this! 

Mimosas for breakfast =)
Mimosas for breakfast!

After breakfast we hit the streets in the wonderful town of Steamboat springs.   Even though we were met with steady precipitation (mostly rain, we were anticipating snow) it was an enjoyable experience hopping from shop to shop down main street.  They have quite a few art galleries there that caught our attention. 

Fresh out of our mexican meal
And we’re OFF like a herd of turtles!

I really liked the Jewelry and Fossil shop.  It warranted a couple tours through.  I also really enjoyed the tin signs for sale at Rocket Fizz.  I need to get some minimally offensive tin signs for my office. ^_^
Mmm.. Fuzzy
Mmm. Fuzzy purple fur at Overland Sheepskin Co.

After eating at the lovely Cantina restaurant on main street in Steamboat Springs we headed back to our rental to relax before heading back out to Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  We found the hot springs at Strawberry park to be an awesome relaxing experience enjoyed by a whole lot of friendly people.  I will definitely be returning here for a visit in the morning.  We were on our way out when it got dark when we realized there are no lights there at all which would have been cool if the sky wasn’t so full of clouds!  Also, the place gets pretty busy after dark when clothing becomes optional. ^_^


As I said at the start of this post, weekends are far too short when you’re having fun.   It was time to thank everyone for cooperatively pitching in to make our wonderful weekend happen and say goodbye to our lovely rental.

The view from our patio
The view from our patio


Changing leaves on the drive home
Despite being sad about leaving, the drive home from Steamboat springs was nothing short of beautiful.  In Colorado, the changing of the leaves has got to be one of the most picturesque times of the year.


Thank you Laila for making this wonderful little getaway happen!

Thank you Steve & Minka for an awesome weekend!

and last but surely not least, Thank you Z for the lovely birthday sentiments and for making another weekend extraordinary!

Here’s our Steamboat Springs Birthday Celebration album on Flickr

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