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Welcome to Colorado

Wholy crap. I live in Colorado!   Yeah, the fabric of time n’ space totally shredded and here I am!  It all started when I took a nap in the car after driving through an intense snowstorm…  I followed the rabbit.

Colorado is undeniably beautiful.  I love this place. I’ve met some great people here and really enjoy the overall feel of the place. Having four seasons -every- day is a little intense at times but that’s what layers are for. There’s somethin about snowpants over a swimsuit that just works. ^_^

I’m the President of TechnologyBytes, a Computer repair, IT and Web Services Center @ 1348 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719) 422-5010 which I operate with my Dad. We’re just getting settled in but we’re open 8 to 8 every day & if you can set the fresh paint smell aside we’ve got great pre-launch pricing.!.

I’ve never been so centrally located. There’s tons of people, stuff, traffic, places and craziness every square block. I love it. Being closer to stuff like my nieces & nephews is also very cool. Since both of my brothers decided to go military I figured the kids might need some uncorrupted corruption. ^_^ My Sister Crystal (My brother Matt’s wife) says Matt n’ Chris do in fact live here. I have yet to see them since I’ve been here but that should change soon. Active duty insanity has them over seas right now. Liam and I kick it… Usually burning stuff. =) Crystal n’ Matt’s house is fun. Hehe.