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A TMTorn Adventure!

I had the pleasure of taking a 4 day mancation hosted by TMTorn Adventures.  It was wildly educational and intense fun in a relaxed and super safe atmosphere.  I learned effective combat techniques, shot lots of guns, rode ATVs & dirt bikes and enjoyed great food and drinks during the all inclusive getaway at their camp. Read more

Pro Tips for Road Trips

As Z and I are cruising along I-80 West on our way back from Wisconsin I figured I would share some of our tips and tricks for road tripping.  We like to enjoy the trip just as much (if not more) than the destination.  We don’t spend much money and we always have a great time!

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What I Love about Denver

I have lived in and around Denver for a few years now and have really come to love it.  Z and I intend on settling down here eventually after we explore some other places the world has to offer but before I moved away I figured a short post about what I love about Denver is in order. 

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40th Anniversary Renaissance Festival

40th Anniversary Colorado Renaissance Festival

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