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Myrtle Beach, A Perfect Family Vacation

We just got back from a short vacation in Myrtle Beach and I’m surprised at how family friendly Myrtle Beach really is. We rented a small condo right on the beach for one night before meeting up with the rest of our family the remaining four nights of our stay in a larger town house up the beach a ways. I highly recommend finding rental accommodations walking distance to the beach and bring an umbrella to block the sun. Arrive prepared to relax. We didn’t do much beyond relaxing at the beach and eating tons of great food. Definitely a vacation destination we plan to revisit.

Max heading to the beach
Getting a Sparkles makeover at Broadway on the Beach

Mason Matthew Houghtelin

Mason Matthew Houghtelin Born May 23rd @ 9lbs 6oz

My First Triathlon

I finally did it, I raced in a triathlon and it was a blast! I finished in 2:31:11!

I purchased a super cheap 16 week training plan from training peaks and got after it!

With some guidance from a friend I bought a road bike in January. Shortly after acquiring the bike I got an indoor trainer and got fitted for the bike. The fitting was underwhelming but with a shim under my left cleat and a tiny adjustment to my saddle height, I quickly put 1,000 miles behind me. More then anything I was happy to know that the bike I purchased actually fit me. Purchasing a nice bike has become quite difficult due to the pandemic.

Some time last year I signed up to be able to go to nearly any gym through active & fit which has been awesome since we were traveling most of last year. I had to bounce around a few different gyms but I started swimming at least once a week in January. I got more consistent after we moved into our house in February as there is a local Gold’s Gym down the road that always has an empty pool, or at the very least a very short queue.

On March 13 I caused plantar fasciitis in my right foot by getting out and running 18 miles after not having run for a while. This took me off my feet for a month.

Closed on our new Home!

DC in December

Keeda, our best friend.

We lost our best friend today.

Keeda cooling off

Keeda was the best companion anyone could ask for. If you ever met her you were probably impressed with her polite friendliness and simple obedience. She was my cohort for a decade and a half. She was always excited to adventure and traveled tens of thousands of miles with me. At this moment in time I don’t know how to put her story to words but I love her and will always miss her.

Goofy Movie Style Road Trip

4,000 miles later, we made it from Las Cruces, New Mexico to West Point, Virginia! After visiting some family & friends in Colorado and Minnesota, we decided to wing it and stop wherever seemed interesting. It was a blast!

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500 miles in Minimalist Running Shoes

Strava just reminded me that I broke 500 miles of jogging since I switched to minimalist shoes. On February 19th, exactly 7 months ago yesterday I purchased WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner shoes from Amazon and have been running in them since.

500 Miles later…
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Las Cruces, New Mexico

In the midst of a heat wave in Arizona we moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico! What better time to escape Arizona then during a record breaking heat wave in late July! ^_^

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I’m Josh Houghtelin, Lead Developer at Gueststream, Inc. and This is How I Work.

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