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Dust off the digits as daily digression… err, life documentation dawns again!

There’s a major change of lifestyle that takes place when you ( in this I actually mean I ) take a major change of lifestyle.  Who knew? ^_^  One day I’m as close as one can get to virtually living online and then over night, because that’s how long it took to launch a physical storefront, my entire focus and drive polarized and although I got deeper in to the field of Information Technology and it’s effective use in today’s work environments none of my daily activities retained any of their previous repetitious foci.  A massive effort is undertaken, a directionally proportionate amount of education, experience and personal growth occur as an I created and grew an IT services company with a small team of partners that ultimately directed me back here.  A couple years in the real world operating a brick-n-mortar computer repair & IT services company happened fast.  I look forward to the highly structured yet equally fast pace web services again.  This should be an even more intense continuation of the epic journey I keep livin’ n’ lovin’ called life.

My focus with this effort is to shake up and then sharpen a few skills I could previously perform without thought.  Skills like documenting reality in the now and quickly writing instructions that can be easily translated in to action at the lack of my presence.  The desired result is ultimately attain excellence and far exceeding all expectations in reference to my work performance as the director of technology (Officially, the CTO) of Think Smart, Inc. I will be facilitating it’s hyper-efficient development on it’s way to the blindingly brilliant company it’s already materializing to be.

Every time I look back on the crazy path behind me I realize I’ve done some intensely great things, some very cool things and some immeasurably crazy things but I believe that even after focusing on and achieving one awesome interest after the next, my focus right now has got to be the greatest, most rewarding one yet! Even considering the occasional anxious concerns, fears and other associated discomforts due to the given path – It doesn’t get any better than this. No path, team, or destination compares.  This already won. ^_^

Time to focus for a bit.  I look forward to detailing a relatively nonsensical blend of life and work here as I did in the past.

Think Smart, because it’s good for ya.

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