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I love location sharing

Whether I’m meeting some friends at a huge venue, splitting the party while walking a city, snowboarding a mountain or even just living life on any random day, I’m always sharing my location with half a dozen people. Getting over the big brother aspect of it, the results can be wonderful.

Running into my dad in Phoenix is always a good reason to go to White Castle or In-n-Out. ^_^
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2022 Fitness Goals

I have a feeling these are going to change after I put together a legitimate training program to ensure I don’t do worse then I did last year for the few Triathlons Z and I are doing this year but as of the moment, here are my (likely superficial) fitness goals for 2022.

  • 100 miles of swimming.
  • 1,000 miles of running.
  • 5,000 miles of cycling.

I just barely broke 1,000 miles of running in 2021 but I did accomplish it so that one is just carrying over. The swimming and cycling is double what I logged in 2021 so they seem like some fair numbers. I may or may not actually reach these goals depending on if the training plan that I end up putting together supports this.

Overall, the theme I want to run with this year is consistency. I really want to be consistently putting up numbers and I will absolutely have to be super consistent to meet all these goals. I won’t be able to try and jam in a ton of miles late in the year like I did in 2021. hehehe.