Flights for my daughter.

If your mind is is anything like mine then you absorbed the title of this in two ways. You’re either sending your daughter somewhere on a plane or purchasing some alcohol for her. Fortunately, in my case, neither of those things have happened.

Maxine has been in many sports but she has really grown fond of and presented a lot of energy toward the cheer program she is in. This has caused me to take a few flights back and forth from our (soon to be again) home in Scottsdale to watch her performances in Virginia. Thanks to the blessings of her awesome team and amazing coach she has managed to win 1st in all three of the competitions she has participated in!

winning the Superior award at the Cheer & Dance Extreme competition in Richmond Virginia!

I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I have children, and even more so being the parent of a tiny champion that puts all of her energy into cheer and dance! This girl is amazing and her energy is so positive it’s difficult to fault.

If it weren’t for her mom, Maxine would not have found her calling at this time. They say it takes a tribe but honestly it takes a dedicated parent to make sure the kid is where they need to be to find their spirit. I pray all children get to have the support that Z is providing our children.

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