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Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment & James Abernathy

Photo of James Abernathy

James Abernathy, PhD.

One of my favorite parts about developing business systems is that I’m always being introduced to new things or even just the idea of things my creative mind hadn’t even had the slightest notion of prior to being introduced while absorbing a new business model surrounding the product or idea.  This pairs well with another detail of business i’ve learned and find true and it is that the individual (personality and character) behind a business often shares many very strong similarities with the product and business model they represent.  James Abernathy is a great example.  Having recently joined forces with him and Tiffani Huckles representing True You Hormones which has teamed up with Think Smart to both further expand our collective health and wellness resources, I now have the pleasure of working in the same facility as James every day often working together.