Moving in to Greeley, Colorado

We’re excited to check out Greeley, Colorado for a short while.  Interested in checking out one of the most affordable places to live in Colorado Z and I acquired a short lease at University Tower

Moments ago we finished moving in the first load (the bulk of our material things) in.  Moving in or out of a place is usually not very fun or easy since you’re often parked in an awkward spot, in everyone’s way, being loud and consuming useful resources like elevators and stairways with boxes and bed frames.  That said, we were met with a really high level of polite friendliness today.  From the moment I parked our truck and trailer in front of the main entrance blocking most of the drive, the other people I was temporarily in the way of were all smiles, patiently waiting and kind enough to let me know if I was positioned correctly.  As Z and I unloaded the trailer it seemed people popped out of nowhere to quickly run up to the doors and hold them for us and even with loaded carts we were invited to squeeze in to the elevators or even had the elevator hailed for us by people who offered to grab the next one.  It was really nice.  I’m used to being ignored, walked around and stared at when moving in or out of a place.  This was probably the easiest, most polite and friendly move-in experienced I’ve encountered to date.  

Our apartment is pet friendly but I noticed that the parks and grassy areas near by all have signs posted clearly disallowing dogs from the premises.  It seems Greeley might be one of the few cities in Colorado that aren’t a glowing example of a dog friendly town.  I’ll have to figure out where the locals walk their dogs. ^_^

We’re going to learn as much as we can about Greeley over the next 6 months. It should be fun!  Here’s to enjoying another Colorado city.  

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