On-Site visit w/Zech!

It was a LOONG time coming but I finally visited Zech & Fam.

One of the pitfalls of moving around a lot is that time can blast by before you realize you haven’t seen your greatest friends in half a decade.

Gosh, this was a super fun visit. Despite the wonders of technology allowing us to communicate with video and text every day, there is nothing quite like an in-person visit. Especially one that lasts a while. Being physically present with someone used to be the very crux of what lets most of us identify friends in the first place. Being a part of and seeing how they make lifestyle choices from entertainment to health and everything in between. So when you’ve known someone since high school and you communicate via remote means virtually every day, it’s quite refreshing to have the opportunity to be physically present for a week.

Zech’s a pretty private guy so I won’t spoil that by sharing much here but I will say that we need to connect a lot more often. I don’t think we should let more than a couple years go by before we reconvene in person for a week. I will definitely miss breaking bread over Amber’s amazing dishes.

One of Amber’s amazing dishes.

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