I love location sharing

Whether I’m meeting some friends at a huge venue, splitting the party while walking a city, snowboarding a mountain or even just living life on any random day, I’m always sharing my location with half a dozen people. Getting over the big brother aspect of it, the results can be wonderful.

Running into my dad in Phoenix is always a good reason to go to White Castle or In-n-Out. ^_^
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2022 Fitness Goals

I have a feeling these are going to change after I put together a legitimate training program to ensure I don’t do worse then I did last year for the few Triathlons Z and I are doing this year but as of the moment, here are my (likely superficial) fitness goals for 2022.

  • 100 miles of swimming.
  • 1,000 miles of running.
  • 5,000 miles of cycling.

I just barely broke 1,000 miles of running in 2021 but I did accomplish it so that one is just carrying over. The swimming and cycling is double what I logged in 2021 so they seem like some fair numbers. I may or may not actually reach these goals depending on if the training plan that I end up putting together supports this.

Overall, the theme I want to run with this year is consistency. I really want to be consistently putting up numbers and I will absolutely have to be super consistent to meet all these goals. I won’t be able to try and jam in a ton of miles late in the year like I did in 2021. hehehe.

Christmas Ice Skating at Pentagon Row

Christmas Ice Skating at Pentagon Row

Perhaps I’ve watched too many Hallmark movies, or maybe it’s due to growing up in the Minnesota or maybe it’s the winters I spent in Breckenridge and Vail that ultimately strongly influenced me to move to Colorado but there is something that really feels right about ice skating around Christmas time.

1,000 miles of Running in 2021

Over 1,000 miles of running in 2021

In 2020 I managed to run over 1,000 kilometers thanks to the map my fitness You vs Year challenge. I managed to cover 1,000 kilometers pretty quick in 2021 so I pushed for 1,000 miles and managed to capture it =) I think I’ll keep this goal for 2022 and add a cycling goal as well. I rode a total of 2,500 miles this year so I’m going to make a goal of doubling that for next year while also working to capture the tron bike in Zwift.

Bring on an even more fit 2022!

You destroyed my cast iron!

How dare you rape my cast iron with your bolognese pasta sauce!
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Escape room with the fam!

Another Win brings Maxine to an official score of 3-0 vs escape rooms. Escape rooms can be a super fun hour spent with the fam! This is the first one I’ve done with my brother Matt’s family but I guarantee it won’t be the last. Happy 17th anniversary Matt & Crystal!

Escape room with the fam!
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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree!

How do you setup your Christmas tree? Does dad go get it and mom set it up in one afternoon or is it an all day family affair? For us, with a couple super young kids, it’s a fun all day event wherein someone will end up pooping some glitter.

Amtrak Auto Train

We headed to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandma! We opted to try out the Auto Train and I must say, it is a neat experience.

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Suricon 2021

I am a huge fan of the Suricata Community!

As I sit here in the airport wearing some conference gear waiting for my 5AM flight home I can’t help but to appreciate that OISF pulled off a great hybrid conference. I’m sad to see #Suricon2021 come to an end.

Wearing Suricon2021 swag waiting for my flight.
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We are Triathletes!

We finally did it! It took almost a decade. Life gets in the way doesn’t it? We finished our first Triathlon together last weekend! We are triathletes! When we stopped at the triathlon tent at the US Olympic Open in Colorado Springs in 2012 we decided we wanted to do a Triathlon race but had no idea how… Nearly a decade later we finally figure out how to train AND raise a family. This is the first of many races!!!

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